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When I  browsed the net and found a Chronology for the nearby village of Walton, I showed it to my wife and bemoaned the fact that there was no such document for Ryhill.

My wife gave me the sort of advice one would expect from a Ryhill lass, born in Lafflands Lane and brought up in the village - she said,

"Well don't just sit there moaning about it - write one!"

So I have!

If you can add to these chronologies by giving me dates (particularly more recent ones) important to the villages then I will be pleased to up date the document. I am particularly interested in knowing when various organisations, - band, cricket club, etc., were set up.

Please feel free to e-mail me with your comments.


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Click the Map button to see the 1850 map of Ryhill and Havercroft - can you find your house?

The latest addition is about Ryhill Village School from 1913 - 1947 - an excellent booklet

Ryhill - A Chronology

Havercroft - A Chronology

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1850 Map of Ryhill

Opening of Ryhill Village School - Parish Magazine 1877

Ryhill Village School - 1913 -1947

Formation of Ryhill Parish - Parish Magazine 1875

Vicars of Ryhill 1875 - 2003