A Dog Named Mace

A mechanic who worked out of his home had a dog named Mace. Mace
had a  bad habit of eating all the grass in the mechanic's lawn, so the
mechanic had to keep Mace inside. The grass eventually became  overgrown.

One day the mechanic was working on a car in his backyard and
dropped his wrench losing it in the tall grass.

He couldn't find it for the life of him, so he decided to call it a day.

That night, Mace escaped from the house and ate all the grass in
the backyard. The next morning the mechanic went outside and saw his wrench glinting in the sunlight. Realizing what had happened he looked up to  the heavens and proclaimed......

 Are you ready for this ???

Are you sure ???


He proclaimed: "A grazing Mace, how sweet the hound, that saved a
wrench for me!"



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