1st grade children were given the 1st part of these proverbs and told to finish them. Here are some answers.

  1.. As you shall make your bed so shall you--- mess it up.

2.. Better be safe than--- punch a 5th grader.

3.. Strike while the--- bug is close.

4.. It's always darkest before--- daylight savings time.

5.. You can lead a horse to water but--- how?

 6.. Don't bite the hand that--- looks dirty.

7.. A miss is as good as a--- Mr.

8.. You can't teach an old dog new--- math.

9.. If you lie down with the dogs, you'll--- stink in the morning.

10.. The pen is mightier than the--- pigs.

11.. An idle mind is--- the best way to relax.

l2.Where there's smoke, there's--- pollution.

13.. Happy the bride who--- gets all the presents.

14.. A penny saved is--- not much.

15.. Two's company, three's---the musketeers.

16.. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and--- you have to blow your nose.

17.. Children should be seen and not--- spanked or grounded.

18.. When the blind leadeth the blind--- get out of the way.




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