Government Workers

A group of cannibals are hired for programming.

Their manager told them, you are doing good work, but please,
don't touch your colleagues and eat them. We have a canteen,
you can eat there. Ok, so the cannibals promised.

After 6 Weeks, the manager spoke to them again : Ok we are
satisfied with your work and everything, and you are behaving
very well. By the way, we are missing a cleaning woman, has
somebody touched her?

The cannibals denied.

After he left, the chief of the cannibals asks "Who is the
idiot who ate that cleaning women?"

One of the cannibals admitted that he did.

Are you out of your mind? For six weeks now have been eating
VP's and Senior managers and nobody is taking notice. How
can you be so stupid as to eat a working person?




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