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Deaconess Sue Langdale became our minister on 1st September 2009 and we offer a warm welcome to Sue and her husband Phil.

Below is Sue's first contribution to the web site. Thanks Sue.


To all who read this page I would like to say Hi and welcome to St. Paul's Methodist Church.
My name is Sue Langdale. I am a Deacon in the Methodist Diaconal Order and the Minister at St. Paul's. Although I have only been at St. Paul's since September 2009 I have been serving in the Barnsley Circuit since 2006. 
I am married to Phil and we have been together now for 37yrs. We have 3 children, David is married to Joanne, Kathryn is married to John and Hannah is married to Steve. Between them they have given us 6 beautiful grandchildren, the youngest being just a few weeks old. Also we now have living with us since moving here my 83yr old mum.
Both Phil and I were born and bred in Hull, East Yorkshire and until coming to Barnsley had lived there all our lives. We met at Brighton Street Methodist Church which a friend had invited me to at the age of eleven so I could play netball for the chapel team. Brighton Street played a very important part in both of our lives and it was the place where I began to grow in my faith. Phil and I were also the last couple to be married there in October '71 and I always joke that we closed that church down because in May '72 it closed it's doors as a place of worship.
In my former life, before going to college to train for the Methodist ministry, I had two part-time jobs. For approx.10yrs I worked in a local primary school with children with special needs and as a Lay Worker for the Methodist Church. Interestingly both these jobs would sometimes become intertwinned when the school asked me to talk to classes about my work as a Christian, and church 'Fellowship Groups' asked me to talk about my school work. I really enjoyed both types of work. I was happy and content with life and met some lovely people many of whom were a great inspiration to me. 
Being a Lay Worker in my home circuit was a very special time and yet I always had that feeling it was a stepping stone on a journey that was in God's hands. But if anyone had told me it would bring me to offer for ordained ministry I wouldn't have believed them. This was never part of MY plan. I was already doing God's work. But it appeared that God had other ideas. I guess you could say my days as a Lay Worker had helped to nurture me for this extremely challenging step of faith and it all felt incredibly awesome and scary.
College at the age of 50 was not easy either. At one point I came very close to giving up. The studying was hard work especially as it was many years since I had left school. But with help and encouragement I completed my time there successfully and I am so glad that I kept on going otherwise I would not be sitting here writing this to you now.
I believe we have been brought together to serve the community of Ryhill and pray that God's grace will guide and lead us in working His purpose out and bring Glory to His name.  May God bless us all as we go forward in faith to live, love and serve the Lord. 
Peace and love to you all