Ron's Old Chums Page

Names I can remember who I would be delighted to hear from include:

From over 40 years ago

Peter Aldridge - Streethouse CC and Normanton Grammar School (NGS)

Bernard Aldridge - Sharlston, NGS

Maurice Nixon - Sharlston, NGS - CONTACT MADE - LOCAL

Christopher Allen - NGS

David Watts - Royston, NGS

D S (Stuart) Atkinson, NGS  - CONTACT MADE - HARROGATE

David Brown - NGS - CONTACT MADE - USA

Terry Lee - Sharlston

Richard Cartwright - Sharlston

Jennifer Cartwright - Sharlston

Bill Nuttall - Snydale - NGS - CONTACT MADE - GENEVA

Normanton Grammar School Ship Club at Goole Docks circa 1954

For old school friends, try Friends Reunited


Old Colleagues

Jeff Pipe - Birmingham - CONTACT MADE

Dave Nichols - Manchester MDC

Bill Lovell - Wealden DC - CONTACT MADE

Mike Berry - London

Bill Webb - Woking BC

Pat Doherty - Harrogate and IRRV - CONTACT MADE

Ed Slater - Newcastle

Mike Barrrett - Scarborough - Died 2011

John McAndrew - Leeds - CONTACT MADE

Martin Pilgrim - London Government - CONTACT MADE

Keith Beaumont - former AMA

David Madisson- former AMA

Jake Arnold-Foster - Local Government Chronicle - CONTACT MADE

Paul Keenan - former editor, Local Government Chronicle

And of course - THE DOE POLL TAX TEAM!